40% Designer

  • Affinity Designer 85%
  • Affinity Photo 80%
  • Adobe Photoshop 60%
  • Adobe Illustrator 70%
  • Adobe After Effects 75%
  • Cinema 4D 65%

100% Developer

  • (HTML5, CSS3, Media Queries) Responsive Web 90%
  • (ES2015, REACT, Flux, Redux) Front-End 85%
  • (Node, MongoDB, Express, Socket.io) Back-End 85%
  • (React Native, Expo, Electron) App Development 55%
  • (Arduino, C++, OpenFrameworks) Experimental 60%
  • (Phaser.js / SVG) 2D Game Development 70%

About Me

Full Stack Javascript Developer (+) with 3 years experience designing and engineering all kinds of JS implementations for Web and Mobile.

Front-end skill set includes Adobe CC, Sass, ES2016, React and Redux for making things like Responsive Websites, Progressive Web-Apps or even cross platform Mobile or Desktop Apps with React Native.

Back-end skills include Node, Express, MongoDB, AWS and Socket.io for which I have experience making scalable API's for Websites, Apps and even Chatbots. With the added option of server side rendering (React) for SEO optimized Website or CMS content.

My focus lies mainly on development with the 'MERN Stack', but I also have experience with AngularJS, motion graphics with After Effects and design tools such as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. All of which aid me in my development and digital storytelling endeavors.




A music focused web app I made for my internship company: District01. The idea was to create a React, Node and MongoDB fueled web app which employees of District01 could use to determine the music on the workfloor.

Using Facebook's Wit.ai I also developed a chatbot for interaction with the app via Slack.


For this project I'm currently working on building and expanding a custom made CMS. So far I've written all the necessary API code and both Back-End en Front-End modules to manage products, categories and images. Next on the list is the ability to create custom pages from combining editable modules. The CMS used to rely heavily on PHP, MySQL and plain JavaScript, but is now being reworked into Node, React and MongoDB.

The Story of Schiedam

An international collaboration between students of Devine from Belgium and students Cross Media Development from the Netherlands. To breathe new life into the old town of "Schiedam" (Netherlands), we designed and prototyped a second screen experience where you could follow one long road and interact with screens with your stationary smartphone to audiovisually uncover the rich history of the town.

Ketnet Summer Rebrand

A rebranding exercise I did as an assignment by Devine. The idea was to restyle the current 2D branding with more seasonal, 3D animations. The rebrand video has:

A 3D and 2D summer styled Logo Animation buildup (0:03), an 'Evening Overview' of all the programs for that night (0:18), an 'Overlay Bumber' indicating the current and following programmes (0:41), a Montage of all the new programmes and seasons this summer (1:05), and a 'Secret Feature' (1:37).

Campaign for Boek.be

A collaboration with fellow Devine student Jasper Van Damme. Together we worked on an assignment that required a front-end website that allowed teachers and schools to submit revisions of "A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", and a REACT back-end where the Boek.be staff could read and score these revisions. While we both worked on the concept, structure and design, Jasper brought our design together on the front-end while I coded most of the API and the REACT back-end.

Orange: Netverse

In 2015, Orange (the mobile company) came to visit us at Devine Howest, Belgium and together with our teachers explained that two of our main assignments would be part of a creative competition. The main thing asked of us was to "Help visualize the network". This is the result.

Funkydata: Mathillustrations

A creative programming assignment for Devine. The idea was to take a dataset (in this case from IMDB) and turn it into mathematical drawings such as lemniscates and the more famous belgian superformula. The app was made OOP and MVC style with Processing.


FAQ & Trivia

  • Full Name:Thorr Stevens
  • Current Project:motorshop.be (Custom CMS)
  • For Hire?Yes, starting jun. 2018
  • E-Mail:thor_r_stevens@hotmail.com
  • Current City:Blankenberge, Belgium
  • City of Birth:June 7th 1992
  • Languages:Dutch, English (French)
  • Home Country:Belgium
  • College:Devine
  • Internship:Full Stack Node Dev @ District01
  • High School:Multimedia
  • Laptop:Macbook Pro
  • Design Tool of Choice:Affinity Designer
  • Code Editor:Visual Studio Code
  • Spaces or Tabs?Tabs
  • Operating System:MacOS (Sierra)
  • Programming Language:Depends, but mostly Javascript
  • Designspiration:Pinterest
  • Browser:Chrome
  • Most used Extension:Panda
  • Hobbies:Gaming, Reading, Writing
  • Favorite show:Black Mirror
  • Publications?De Hypocrisie van Onze Tijd